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2016 we have arrived. Crazy to think another year has already passed. Crazy to wonder where the time went. All the bowls we smoked. All the edibles we ate. All the hours we lost to the intense dabs that left us slightly drooling in a state of bliss. The year of 2015 was certainly a great one and one we loved, but 2016, it is going to be a huge one. Not just for us, but for everyone.

We are primarily a Colorado-based magazine and over the past year we have focused internally on our state, but we find ways to look at the bigger issues of marijuana too. We know the market is continually going to expand and the world of pot, well it is only going to get bigger.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past six months at least, the 2016 presidential election is beginning to ramp up. For months now, debates have been ongoing and although we have yet to pick the main party candidates and their running mates, we have seen the amount of information about presidential candidates that has emerged. The Democrats are somewhat pro-marijuana, some of the Republican are for it in the business sense on a state level, others cling to faulty logic to further the idea of marijuana being a gateway drug and good ole’ Bernie Sanders might as well be packing bowls on the debate stage with his stance. Regardless of where they are right now, the candidates are only going to further talk about pot. It might not be the most controversial issue of the election, but it is a large issue this year, and one receiving considerable thought.

The thing is, where the presidential elections are one thing, the ones we should be paying more attention to are the state-based elections. There is change in the air and the change, it isn’t coming from the people we are parading around like monkeys on the stage, but instead it will stem from the state level. Yes, states will be the ones to make the decisions on whether or not we legalize. The states are the ones who will figure out what to do. And the prospects for pot are exciting. We are going somewhere.

Check out our Looking Forward story to learn more about the big stories of 2016 and how they might end up impacting you. The thing to remember with these stories is these are just our predictions, and we cannot see the future, believe me if we could, we be doing a lot cooler things than talking about pot. Not that we don’t love this

There are also changes to come in other communities. As January is consummately famous for, this is the time when people make resolutions about the things they are going to change about themselves to be better people. Many of you might have been too high to do this on New Year’s, but do not worry, we created our list of stoner resolutions. These are the things we think that all stoners should at least try over the next year. With these, most of them are meant to poke fun at our culture and what we often see. Don’t worry, no need to take them too seriously.

Except the last two resolutions. I will tell you now what it is because it ties together the two pieces I mentioned. The year of 2016 is built around change, especially the change that can come for cannabis on a widespread level. It is awesome, what all of Colorado has seen as a result of our pot, but everyone deserves to get high. In focusing on the fact we all deserve to get high, we need to do our work. We need to vote, and we need to get our friends in other states to vote. The year of 2016 could change everything for pot, only when people get engaged and involved. If they do not, well, the ballots in countless states are going to fail. We need people to vote. Now I know what you might be thinking. Colorado already has legal pot so what can I do to make a difference?

What you can do is talk to people. All the friends who visited you to get high. All your relatives and friends who think it’s so awesome you can smoke anytime. Everyone who asks you about how great the weed is in Colorado. Convince them to vote, because that is what we all need.

Check out our great stories this month and keep reading. No matter what, remember, cannabis deserves to be legalized. To get it there, we need people to mobilize. You can help in this, we all can. So where us Rocky Mountain folk might not need to do much, we can still make an impact.