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JUNE 2016 | The Ganja Gazette
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Things move quickly, and one of those things is this year’s upcoming presidential election. Almost a year ago, our magazine wrote about some of the high-profile candidates up for the Republican and Democratic nomination and what these might respectively mean for the world of cannabis. Check out this month’s issue for presidential candidates and their policies. As things begin to warm up, enjoy the outdoors and remember to be respectful of your neighbors with that smoke. Whether at a concert at Red Rocks, Jazz in the Park or one of the many festivals coming up, remember to be respectful stoners instead of blowing clouds of smoke in the face of children. Enjoy the beginning of summer while it lasts because after all, you might blink and it could be gone before any of us know it. 

The Grow Off

For the longest time, High Times Cannabis Cup has been considered one of…

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Letter From The Editor

With how the weather has been going recently, who knows if things have gotten better in the state of Colorado by the time this is published…

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