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JANUARY 2020 | The Ganja Gazette
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January 2020


It’s a New Year, and our favorite dispensary, Nature’s Herbs, has all New Prices and Daily Specials!

Strain Review – Golden Pineapple

They didn’t mess up mixing these two strains together, this is one of my favorite combinations of strains, leading to some of the best smelling and tasting buds!

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Strain Review – Smarties

Remember back in the day, crushing up your favorite rolled candies and acting like you’re smoking them? Well, now you no longer have to.

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Product Review – Cheeba Chew Orange Cream

First off let me tell you about the taste, it was better than expected that was for sure. It brought back some memories of those orange push pops from back in the day, you know which ones I’m talking about.

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Strain Review – Blue Dream

Maybe the circumstances help more with the perfect rating than I would’ve thought. But it was the perfect strain for the most non perfect day.

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420: How Did It Come To This?

420 has been the most annoyingly trite, cliched and hacky piece of subculture nonsense in my lifetime. It was one of the things about pot culture I derided most. A catch phrase, A meaningless password tossed from stoner to stoner, acting like they’re sharing something clever when in reality, the brief moment of it’s cleverness is long past and it is so useless and predictably dull that it almost feels corporatized.

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With all the talk of marijuana legalization in the United States, it can sometimes seem like marijuana use is rampant across the country. It’s true that more states than ever now offer legalized recreational pot, but there are also a handful of states where it seems unlikely that they’ll ever pass a law to allow marijuana — whether it’s for recreational or medicinal purposes.

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Strain Review – Durban Kush

As you could probably guess from its name, Durban Kush is the classic Durban Poison strain with a bit of Kush mixed right in. We found this hard hitting sativa hybrid at Nature’s Herbs and Wellness in Garden City, right outside of Greeley, on their new Connoisseur Shelf.

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Video Game Review – Devil May Cry 5

The majority of your time in DMC5 is spent killing demons. With an array of melee and projectile attacks, you inflict complex combo strings while performing split-second dodges to evade incoming attacks. An in-game ranking system continually judges your style, encouraging you to better your performance.

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