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Cannabis is legal in Colorado. We get it. Yet where we understand this and it has become a somewhat normal part of our lives out here, across the country, people are still curious about what it is like to live here. I am not sure if you have traveled out of state recently, or had people visit you in state, but inevitably, it seems like someone has to bring up pot. What you might already be used to, but will likely see this holiday season, is your relatives or guests are going to want to ask you these types of questions. People are curious about weed, and as a Colorado resident, you automatically become the go-to spokesperson for pot. Regardless of the situation, it can be awkward, it can be a little strange and it can be difficult to have to answer every question your loved ones have on pot.

How do you talk with people from all walks of life? What happens at the Thanksgiving table when someone mentions cannabis? If you are headed back out of state for the holidays, what do you tell them to positively share your experience here in Colorado? Even worse, if you are in state, what happens when your drunk uncle starts prodding you about giving him access to your pot stash?

The good news is these types of conversations do not need to be awkward, and they do not need to be uncomfortable or difficult. Many of them are just conversations, and when we approach them the right way, it allows us the chance to help other people understand that cannabis is not that big of a deal, that getting high is still just getting high and that, yes, now that we are legally smoking pot, we are still not bad, lazy degenerates. Talking with your loved ones at the holidays about your cannabis consumption does not need to be some major deal because so often it is not some major thing.

Here are some things to consider when talking about smoking cannabis with the ones you love.

Let Them Bring It Up

Regardless of the circumstances or your involvement in the stoner culture, make it something they bring up. Want to know the difference between someone who enjoys casual beer drinking and someone who enjoys casual smoking? Even the snobbiest of craft beer drinkers rarely bring up their love for beer. While a brewery shirt might be the extent, very rarely do alcohol consumers make it such a huge part of their identity. As stoners, we seemingly love to make it a huge part of our identity. Here is the thing, where this is okay, make sure you are not always talking about weed.

No matter how much cannabis is a part of your personality, it doesn’t need to be everything. When talking with your loved ones about pot, do so if they want to talk about it. If you have the idea to share some information and the people around you couldn’t care less, don’t force them to care. One of the best ways I find when talking about cannabis around people I love is not to talk about it until they do. After all, it is just a part of what we do, not our entire world. Let the people around you bring up your cannabis consumption first. Then go from there.

Share Facts

Let us say that in this scenario there are members of your family who are not supportive. If you are traveling out of state or even live in the state, this might be the case. We cannot expect everyone to be like-minded or enjoy the things we enjoy. At the same time, there is a whole lot of misinformation that exists in the realm of cannabis. Where you do not need to preach about the gospel of how great weed is, and you do not need to be an expert on all things related to cannabis, if your loved ones and the people at a family gathering want to argue about pot with you, be sure to know some of the facts. Be certain you understand how you can talk with them about the benefits of cannabis, be certain you can talk with them about what is really happening in Colorado and other recreational states. The last thing you want to do is have a crazy conversation about how much pot has helped you or what not. Anecdotal evidence is the easiest to deny and dismiss in an argument.

Instead, provide your peers with information on what is actually happening. How cannabis is regulated for purchase here in Colorado and no, it is not producing a state of people who are unable to function. Talk about the positive after results we have seen as a state on an economic level and how the funds being generated by cannabis are being used as a means of funding public works necessary to the city. Talk about the fact that a government run, cancer research center recently just admitted that cannabis does help in the prevention of cancer cells from forming and in the treatment of cancer. Talk about the good that exists aside from your experience. When faced with facts, not just anecdote, it makes it much more difficult to debate what we see as very positive benefits of legalization here in CO.

Don’t Take It Personally

So you smoke, great. Regular smoker, even better. Work for some cannabis company? Fantastic. All of these are common things we see with our reader base. For some of your families, they know these things and for others, they might not. Here is the thing we would recommend: no matter how much you love cannabis and consider yourself to be a regular user, do not take it personally if people are not on board with your lifestyle choices.

Unless your family is still supporting your financially and is threatening to withdraw financial support, don’t care too much about what they think about your decisions within the industry of cannabis. It can suck when the people you love do not support your choices. Do not let these people get you down, however. Smoking is a personal choice, and only you handle making this decision. If your family doesn’t support you, it is okay. Don’t sweat their lack of support too much. After all, it is not on them to smoke just because you enjoy it. It is okay in this world to have divergent opinions. So if the people around you do not want to smoke, don’t make it an affront against who you are. As long as it doesn’t impact your relationships, it shouldn’t matter. And really, in the long run, it won’t. As cannabis continues to become a more popular thing, more and more people are going to find themselves faced with the reality that weed is here to stay in American society. And that isn’t a bad thing, it has always been a part of our culture, now it is just becoming a bit more frequent.

Overall, when sharing on your experience with cannabis, just be up front and honest with your family. If they ask, you have nothing to be ashamed of, you are exercising your freedom to smoke, and you are welcome to do that! So take a load off, enjoy your time with your family and make sure to share the weed if they want to imbibe! Worried about figuring out when you should smoke? Check out our article on “When to Get High or Not Before Holiday Gatherings” for more information.