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Growing outdoors: the final frontier. Except not really, anymore. In the past, growing a cannabis plant outside was a risky endeavor. You could try and do a slew of creative things as a means to prevent getting caught, but it was never really socially acceptable just to plant up a nice stock of flower and let it grow. Doing so was dangerous, so innovators invented some interesting new ways of growing. Now, with the ability to grow on your private residence, it makes it a fun thing. Less of a risk in breaking the law, but more of a challenge. Can you cut it? Are you a good enough Green Thumb to produce a flower worth smoking? Will you provide a pot your friends love? Well, the choice is yours, and the abilities to do this often comes down to a few things.

Today, in Growers 101, we are going to talk about a few things to do when growing outdoors that will help your plant blossom into the beautiful flower you deserve.

Protect Your Plants

It goes without saying that generally, you want to protect your plants. What this means is to focus in on what is around your plant. Make sure it is blocked from the winds and places where the weather is going to beat down on it. While pot is pretty resilient, it is still important to plant in the springtime, giving your cannabis time to grow. If you want, you can build up soil walls around your new little flowers as a means of protecting it. You can also add in a little fencing or put it directly in a soil box. Protection from the wind is always helpful.

Avoid Black Soil Buckets

Black soil buckets are not the worst thing that exist; they just can hurt your roots. Due to their color, black soil buckets attract unnecessary and undue sun. These buckets increase the chances of your roots drying up, leaving you with a damaged plant and risking long-term negative impacts. To prevent this, make sure you transfer to a more subtle shade and prevent the overheat exhaustion for your plant’s roots. If you do go with a black bucket, be aware you might need to water it a little more frequently to take care of the roots and treat them properly.

To Root or Not to Root

Deciding whether or not to root your plant can be a big decision. Both rooting and not rooting come with benefits. When you keep your plant in a soil bucket, it allows you to move it around a little better meaning if you have issues with location, you can always quickly relocate. With the crazy weather, this is a good alternative for keeping your plant healthy.

The other option is to root. This second choice is much more preferred as it lends itself to a stronger plant in the long run. Rooting your plant means it is access to a better amount of soil and especially a great choice when you have access to good soil. Allowing your plant to root deep into the system will make sure it has the room to spread out and grow. The result being a more durable plant with strong connections to the earth. The danger in rooting is that it can be hard to move in a quick pinch. It doesn’t matter so much for when your plant is growing legally, but can still matter in the crazy Colorado weather!

No matter whether you root your plant or let it sit in a soil bucket, always make sure your plant is in a place where it has access to the most amount of sun possible.

What about Fertilizers?

Short answer, no. Long answer. Do not do it. Your cannabis should not be over fertilized as this can damage the roots and create a bad end product. Instead of fertilizing the plant during the growing process, focus on having a healthier plant on the front end. To do this, focus on the soil before you plant. Your soil should be all natural, this goes without saying, but avoid adding extra chemicals that might be claiming to help provide extra boosts or shots to the cannabis.

Instead, focus on working with a great gardening store to learn about the soils they sell. Talk with the people you are buying your seeds or clones from to learn what they recommend for soil. Always make sure your are providing great soil from the beginning. Doing so will ensure that you are not getting bad cannabis on the back end.