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With the winter season creeping closer and weather getting cooler and wetter, it is time to start considering the treatment of your pot plants. You might have either harvested your plants or moved them indoors because, while cannabis is a hearty plant, it still isn’t invincible to all weather conditions. Many growers never recommend starting an outdoor grow beyond the months of August and September. The following notes are some critical things to pay attention to when considering how inclement weather, especially the cold, will impact your cannabis.

Marijuana plants are strong, able to endure colder temperatures and even a light frost here or there without too much impact on the quality. If your plants undergo too many temperature changes, however, you are likely to see a drop in cannabis quality and your plants’ ability to thrive.

The main thing to worry about with cold temperatures and marijuana is how the long-term exposure will impact your plants. Weed can stand colder temps for maybe a few hours so long as the fluctuation isn’t too steep (e.g. think into the 20s). After that few hours of cold exposure, it begins to kill the plant and stunt the growth of the buds.

If you must keep your plants outdoors, or you have not already pulled it inside, try to provide them as much protection as possible. Be sure to cover them in a manner so they will not be openly exposed to frost and provide them protection around their roots; frozen groundwater can be fairly detrimental to your plants as well. If you do go out in the morning and find your plants have experienced any form of severe frost, try and place them directly into the sunlight and get the frost to melt naturally.

The last thing to consider is strain hardiness. There are some outdoor strains that can survive with much more extreme temperatures and even weather a bit of the snow. With cannabis, however, the thing to consider is not just whether your plants survive, but also the quality of the weed. Some experienced home growers will tell you that the right hardy strain can survive even fairly harsh weather conditions. They are correct in that yes, cannabis is an extremely durable plant and thus can survive in many harsh weather conditions, but there is a difference between your plants surviving, and your plants thriving. With your marijuana, it is important to remember that there is a difference between simply growing pot and producing a quality flower.

If you are growing cannabis, take care of your plants against the cold and ensure they are not getting too much frost exposure. With the winter approaching, it is time to consider how you can get your pot inside and out of the cold. Your plants will thank you!