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With many home growers having likely recently, or at least in the past few months, trimmed their plants, especially if they were growing outside, you might find yourself with an abundance of weed. For home growers, the natural tendency can be to smoke it all, not at once but over a period, but with growing, there is something else to consider.

Turning Weed Into Oil Now we know this article is not necessarily a grower’s tip, but it’s close enough(?). When we harvested our plants this year, we were left with quite the load of masons jars filled with flower. It was quite a beautiful sight, but also a lot of weed to work with. We know we could smoke it, but at the same time, we also knew we could do something more.

This is the benefit of making cannabis-infused oil. It gives you a great way of using your flower in an alternative that is a little easier to store. At the same time, cannabis oil can be used in a lot of different ways from making soups, to cooking, to making a nice large batch of edibles. The reason we also mention making oil with home growers is that you likely have enough weed to do this. Making oil out of pocket can be quite costly, but with the right sized stash of weed, you will do just fine in making this oil.

Here is our recommendation in turning your weed into an oil Ingredients:
Trimmed Flower
Coconut Oil or Olive Oil
Slow Cooker or Saucepan


Grind the cannabis flower. It is possible to use a significant amount of the plant as long a you remove smaller pieces that will pass through the strainer and tarnish the finished product. Remove small pieces such as stems.

Measure the oil and cannabis. A 2:1 oil to cannabis ratio is the recommended amount. Fatty oils work better, although you have to be careful because of how they react in heat.

Heat the cannabis while in the oil on low heat. Keep the heat especially low for about two hours to prevent damaging the product and ruining the THC. You can do this in a crockpot although this lengthens the cook time to a few days, or on a low heat or in a saucepan for about a few hours. No matter what option you choose, make sure you stir it a lot.

Strain and store the oil. Discard the remainder of the plant left behind unless you want to get fancy and use it in other ways. The oil will last for at least two months, and its potency can be extended with refrigeration.