It is the time of year when many might begin trimming their buds. By now, plants have likely begun, or even finished, flowering. As freezes eventually and inevitably hit, there is a need and urgency to take care of the growing plants likely planted what seems like months ago. Here are a few tips to remember when you are trimming your bud to get the most of our product and persevere the quality of your weed.

Ongoing Maintenance: It is important throughout the entire process of growing your weed that you are taking care of it. Watering it and making sure it gets direct sunlight are just the beginning. Throughout the process, but especially while trimming, you are going to want to remove any dead leaves. Usually, this is the easiest part of the process and can take only a few gentle pulls.

Cut Off Stems Into Smaller Pieces: When you are trimming your plant, make sure to cut off the side stems piece by piece. Break down the plant into manageable amounts so you are not overwhelmed by the size of what you are trying to work with. You have two options at this point: you can leave your buds on the stem to hang for drying, or you can cut them from the stems and let them dry on a free standing rack. Personally, we prefer the hanging method and you want to them be suspended as much as possible.

From Drying to Storing: Once the stems have dried out and can easily be snapped, you are ready to go. During the drying phase avoid exposure to heat, sunlight or moisture. Keep it simple and well contained. A fan can be good for the beginning of the drying process. Once the buds are dry, you are going to want to remove the leaves. Make sure to cut off the larger leaves, the easily visible ones. A good set of scissors is required for this. You want to remove as many leaves and stems as possible at this point.

Keep the Hairs, Trim the Rest: The leaves and stems are the main things you are targeting, but really, try to get rid of all the excess. The great thing is you do not need to go to town on everything. Especially do not touch the tiny hairs covering the bud. These are very potent, and you want these.

Collect the Natural Hash: Over the trimming process, your scissors might get caught up in a nice little layer of goo. Keep this excess mess. This is scissor hash and a very potent, pure form of hash. It is a great compliment to your weed collection.

Store Airtight: You want to preserve your bud in the best of places. The best method for storage is airtight containers like zip lock bags or mason jars with a sealing mechanism. Store your weed out of direct sunlight and in places without too much temperature. Doing this will ensure a consistency to your weed and ensure you are keeping its quality for time to come.

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