Let’s Talk About Soil

Damn, it is that time. Things are starting to warm up, and we are finally in the place where people can start growing more and more pot at exponentially fantastic rates. As the outdoor home growing season kicks off, you are likely to find yourself in a situation where you are going to start taking into account your unique grow situation. These concerns can include what kind of tools you are using, the soil and nutrients you are providing your plants, the lighting, and security so your pesky neighbors don’t steal your pot.

In the past, we’ve focused a lot on the trimming of weed, a little on the potting of it, and even some details on the types of seeds to look for when buying. Today, we are going to focus on something a little different than the past: the way to make a good soil for your grow operations. With the right soil, you have a better chance of cultivating a successful harvest. Like any plant, your cannabis needs proper growth conditions and the better the conditions, the better your opportunity of growing more abundant, healthier weed with nicer flower.

Start at the Very Beginning: Clean, Organic, and High Class

The first step is figuring out what the main ingredient of your soil is going to be, aka the foundation for your soil mix. This main ingredient is essential because it is the main soil you are using before adding anything else in. This soil should be high quality in allowing air to flow into the plant and able to retain water well.

The thing is, a high-class base soil, especially if it is certified organic, can get a little expensive. That is okay. Spend the money, the yield is going to be better. Do not skimp on the beginning but instead, consider it an investment. Your flower, and future high you, will thank you.

Avoid premixed soils that are designed for common house plants as well, they are not geared to cannabis and thus, do not offer you a great asset. Again, avoid taking the easy solution here. We are home growing, a little effort helps.

Let’s Spice It Up

Soil with no nutrients is boring as hell. We do not want any boring soil. We want fun, delicious soil that your plants are going to scream with joy over (okay we know plants can’t scream. But you get the idea, they are going to blossom in happiness over the soil).

Mix It Up, Mix Mix Mix It Up

So you got your soil. It’s smelling extra mulchy up in here. And you need to blend that shit. Here is the secret, get out a blender.

Just kidding. Do not put this in a blender. It will destroy your blender, and you will not have good soil. Please, again do not put this in a blender, it will ruin everything for you, and you will likely hate us. Instead, mix it by hand, which will take some time.

Start by putting it on a surface or in a container where you have a lot of room to mix ingredients, and you also have the ability to move the soil later. Don’t just dump it on the floor or your grass and start going. Put a little bit- key word little- in a plastic trash bin, or spread it on a tarp. From there, pour little bits of the soil and little bits of the different nutrients Do this a few times. You want to do this piece by piece with the soil, sifting it and churning it and turning it and mixing it. You are going to stir, a lot.

The key here is making sure the nutrients are perfectly distributed throughout the soil by the time you are done mixing. Overall, it shouldn’t be too hard if you space it out. Give yourself time.

At the end of the day, store your new soil and rejoice. It is ready to be eventually planted, and your cannabis will thank you.

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