The past year has been a great one for the Ganja Gazette. We have certainly seen dramatic growth occurring over the last few months. Although the Gazette has been running for quite some time, our version of the magazine has only been running since June. When we first took over the magazine, we were excited. The great folks at Nature’s Herbs and Wellness provided us the opportunity to create something we could all be proud of. We were given a decent amount of room to change and grow things as we saw fit. The end results have been six fun months of pushing our personal boundaries, exploring what works and figuring out how to make the most of what we are creating.

From the design side, where we were able to challenge greatly what was available in Denver and its surrounding areas, to the writing, where we have tried time and time again to create content no one else has, we have been proud of the results. Our team loves the potential we were given and now we recognize the great need for us to say thanks.

We are extremely thankful for the people who have supported us: our readers, old and new alike. The people who have stuck around for us and the ones who just picked us up and started reading. Those people who we know are the ones we touch every time we publish.

Our staff tries to measure how much of an impact we have every time we put out a new issue. From talking with dispensary owners and the shops where we distribute to having regular conversations with the readers who are in touch, we try to see what we can do better. We always want to provide relevant, up to date information. We want our design to be beautiful and positive, giving something positive to look forward to. We work to bring you new offers every time and we always listen to feedback.

Our team is proud of what we produce. We are proud of what we create. We are proud to give back to you and every person who reads our pieces. This is the time of year where we reflect on what’s passed and what we are thankful for. We are thankful for the opportunities before us. We are thankful for what is coming in the future months. We are thankful for what will happen next. And thankful for every single reader who picks up our magazine time and time again.

Looking back over the past six months, we know what works and what doesn’t. We have learned where our readers best love our content and where we can improve. We are learning slowly but surely the best way to produce a magazine time and time again. Here is the crazy thing: for most of us, journalism is not a part of our backgrounds. But we love the project none the less, and we love the opportunities to engage.

The first month we spent drawing up the ideas we had a vague understanding of what it was we were trying to accomplish. We constructed a theme, we laid out the stories, we talked about advertising and we figured out how to get the pages together piece by piece. All of a sudden the print deadline was upon us and we were ready to submit. We submitted and then we watched. We waited to get the copies in hand. We received stacks of magazines and suddenly we were off. The new roll out of the Ganja Gazette had begun. It was an exciting time, and a time to learn.

We made mistakes, we messed up, we had a few errors. There were pieces where we had to learn and grow and do better. We knew this. So we tried. Over the past few months, we have tried time and time again. We try to update constantly to keep up with what you want to see.

We are excited for where we are going over the next year. We are excited to move forward with the Gazette. As you will notice over every issue, we find more and more pieces of content to include. We are constantly adding new stories that make our issues better. We are always trying out new ideas. Over the last few months, we have changed and tailored the content, applying it to a variety of demographics and readers.

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