With Valentine’s Day fast approaching you may find yourself looking for a last-minute gift idea for that special pothead in your life. If you’re struggling to come up with a great gift idea, look no further, we here at the Ganja Gazette have got you covered with some great gift ideas that any pothead will love.

A Bouquet of Flowers

No, no, no. Not those flowers. We’re not going to be entirely cliche this year. You’ll need to make a trip to your favorite dispensary to find these flowers, but the trick is in the presentation. Arrange them all in a nice vase and set them out to be admired like any flower should – until you smoke them all up, that is.

A Box of Chocolates

I hope you didn’t leave the dispensary yet. Chocolates are a staple of Valentine’s gift-giving, so this year be sure to pick up some extra special chocolates for your extra special someone. They’ll love the new twist on a classic and you’ll both love eating them together. Plus as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about playing chocolate roulette and accidentally eating that one chocolate in the box that’s filled with toothpaste. You know the one I’m talking about.

Some New Glass

Your significant other may laugh at the idea of smoking out of a cheesy pipe shaped like a heart, but you’ll still catch them sneaking tokes when nobody is looking. If you’re lucky enough to have found somebody to share your passion of weed with, this is your chance to celebrate it and show your love for your partner.

Glass Tips

If you and your partner are more into joints than pipes, pick up some glass tips! You can roll these into your joints or blunts and get a more refined feel from your smoke. Now the two of you will be able to smoke your joints all the way down and make sure you’re using all of your weed without the fear of burning your fingers and lips.

A Flameless Lighter

You can find a variety of these to work with both joints and pipes. If you’re like a lot of stoners out there, you’re rather particular about your lighters, and these are a great choice, especially for any techie stoner. Just be careful who you and your partner use it around because everybody in your circle is going to want to pocket this one.

Massage Oil

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not talking about your standard massage oil. Pick up some cannabis infused massage oil and give eachother a full body massage, if you can last that long, so that you’re both extra relaxed for the festivities later.

Edible Underwear

Your day of romance is coming to an end, you and your significant other are starting to get frisky, but suddenly, the munchies kick in. Do you put things on pause just so you can find a snack? Of course not. Satisfy both cravings at once with some edible underwear and get your fill without ever breaking the mood.

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