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While it is illegal in Colorado to smoke in public, there is nothing wrong with going out in public and enjoying your heightened sense of euphoria.

Recently, after popping a few edibles and dropping into the planetarium, I got to watch a documentary on black holes narrated by Liam Neeson – I had a “eureka” moment. Liam was gingerly discussing kayaking into a black hole, and the gears in my brain started turning.

At the time, my buzz was still kicking in and I thought, “Why the fuck would anyone kayak into a black hole?” But as it began to sink in, I started contemplating about other fun things to do and places to go when I’m stoned.

So, for the sake of journalism and exploring the world around me, and creating stories, I began to explore Denver high. We live in a pretty cool place, and I’m convinced it’s a stoner’s paradise.

Disclaimer: Yes, I got high before going to the Natural History Museum. Here is my Good Stoner Rant – Don’t smoke or reek of weed in these places. There are families at many of these locations, and we don’t need to perpetrate the bad stereotype. There is nothing wrong with getting high, but as with anything, be respectful of those around you. Without further adieu, our list of top places to get high in Denver.

Great Places to Be High In Denver

The Natural History Museum

I just told you about my experience with black holes and the voice of the man from Taken talking about the inevitable death of stars. What else did you expect me to write? A dissertation on how fucking magical this experience was?

You watch some beautiful satellite taken pictures and computer generated images, then all of a sudden really poorly animated clips of computer models in kayaks trying to push themselves out of the current of a black hole until one guy says fuck it and just goes with it. It’s hysterical.

Chamberlin Observatory

Sticking to the theme of the stars and the sky, the Chamberlin Observatory is a great place to get high. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Observatory opens itself up to the public for a public star gazing at 7:30 PM in the winter months. With the potential to get high and see the actual stars, without Liam Neeson’s soothing voice, it still is an amazing way of experiencing the world around you.

Zoo Lights

Now admittedly, the Zoo Lights are not up and running by the time November’s issue goes to press. They do not start until December 4 and run through January 3. But I can tell you, having been before, this attraction will be a fantastic option for a buzzed gander through the zoo. Why? Because you walk around, with delicious warm beverages, and you get to see mesmerizing displays of flashing lights.

Things not to do if you get high and go to visit Zoo Lights. Do not take a picture with Santa Claus. He fucking knows you’re high in a room full of small children and all his elves. And that is a strange place to be.

1 UP

As things begin to get colder, it is also the perfect time to be indoors. And what can be better than spending time inside playing good old fashioned arcade games. Where the wrong strain can slow you down to a state where pinball seems a little impossible, with the right sativa, it is easy to get lost in this place.

Bring along a few friends and you have the perfect chance to enjoy competitive games like 4 v 4 Pacman. A word of advice, take out cash beforehand. Instead of using the ATMs at 1-UP, make sure everyone brings a few dollars to get all the quarters you need.