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The winter season is upon us, and with it comes the cold. Where February is historically the snowiest month to hit the state of Colorado, January is the coldest. As temperatures continue to drop, or stay at a nice brisk pacing depending on how the fall decides to keep carrying over, it is important we focus on how we are keeping warm. Just because it is getting a little colder doesn’t mean it needs to temper our capabilities to get high, there is plenty to do in January as a means of enjoying smoking.

The following are our recommendations from the Ganja Gazette about some of our favorite places to smoke in the coming winter months.

In A Hot Tub

You probably do not own a hot tub, most people do not. Think about it, none of your friends own a hot tub, do they? In this day and age after all, who does? Well where you might not own a hot tub, there are places where you can rent a hot tub. Or there are places where you can get access to a hot tub as part of a community. Here is the thing, as always, be a courteous stoner and understand not everyone in the public hot tub might want to smoke with you. With a little bit of planning, however, you can get super baked before getting in the hot tub and allowing your skin to become super baked. Hot tubs are all about relaxation and increasing sensory perceptions, so use this to relax and soak it in. Just go with friends, no one wants couch lock in a hot tub, that is way too much.

On the Mountain

The mountain! Where the traffic to get out to these places sucks because, well Colorado is way too crazy, there is a beauty in hitting the slopes or at least the lodge on the weekend. Even better if you can manage to make it out this way during the weekday when everyone is still working, and you are one of the lucky few with a job that allows this. There is something so Coloradan about smoking on the mountain, however, make the most out of the winter season by hitting up the mountain and enjoying it. Not sure on the etiquette behind this type of activity? Check out our story “Smoking on the Mountain Manners” for more information about what is and is not appropriate.the historical record.

The Skyline Skating Rink

What can be more winter related than an ice skating rink? Well, you can come up with a wide variety of things, but this is not a question and answer section. For now we are going with the idea that there is nothing, nothing you can do more winter related than to go ice skating. Now, you need to be careful with this one. I have seen people get bashed up pretty good on ice skates before. It is not all a wonderful life out there if you catch my drift. But, enjoy the choppy air and get on skates. Make sure you can still function, but enjoy the hell out of the ice while it lasts and before we all hate it.

Tuesday Trivia at Joyride Brewery

This one is very specific, but that is because while our office loves weed, we also love beer and Joyride Brewing Company has recently topped our list. Located in Edgewater right on the corner of Sloan’s Lake, this brewery has an amazing selection of craft beer along with some traditional flavors. The best part, though, is on Tuesday nights they do trivia. Now the Joyride trivia is amazing because of how it’s run. Starting at 7 pm and going until roughly 9 pm, this version of trivia is a little different. Instead of you having to win multiple rounds to win, every round is its own competition. This means during every round a new team can win, and if you are the lucky team, you get a free round of beer. This makes the trivia game much more interesting because you don’t get bored if you suck the first few times. Of course you can’t smoke at the bar, but this is the perfect place to go for some great trivia, and while Joyride doesn’t serve food, they do have a few great restaurants in walking distance you can order from and carry over. Come early, though, the place fills up fast.