Charlie Murphy — Comedy Works Downtown: Feb. 4-6

The first weekend of February, Charlie Murphy will be in town at the Denver Comedy Works Downtown. Many will remember Murphy for his work on the Chappelle show, yet over the past few years he has continued to remain a successful stand-up comedian, growing into his own right. If you haven’t seen his stand up, now is your chance. If you are familiar with the guy, you know this is a great time to get high.

It goes without saying, but anytime you want an easy place to enjoy an indoor high during these blustery winter months, you should check out Comedy Works. With an excellent selection of smaller acts and local comedians, Comedy Works is an affordable way of enjoying a nice high and laughing your ass off. If you are lucky, you might even be the high audience member who gets heckled. One can dream after all.

Check out their site for more information on shows:


A relatively new addition to the Denver scene, but opened by a few great community collaborators, the Night Bazaar is the perfect place to enjoy all things local in a hip location like shopping, food, and live music. Don’t believe me on how trendy this place is? Check out their description:
“Located in a funky art warehouse space right in the heart of the gateway to RiNo, Night Bazaar Denver aims to showcase the top local talent ranging anywhere from artists to chefs to jazz-rock fusion bands. Crazy cocktails, farm-fresh food, and Colorado-native crafts every Friday and Saturday evening (October 2nd, 2015 through March 1st, 2016).”

With only a month of time left before the Bazaar ends, now is the perfect time to stop by. Although holiday gift shopping is well over and done, you can find some great little gifts while enjoying delicious food here. Check out the Night Bazaar now and don’t miss out on the chance to stop by this hip place. Believe me, my hipster self recommends it.

Monster Jam: Feb. 6-8

With one weekend only, get your tickets now before the chance runs outs. What is Monster Jam, you are asking? Well, just the coolest weekend spectacular ever. Nineteen monster trucks. One Pepsi Center. Lots of flips and shit. Want to get high and watch trucks crush things?

Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Everyone wants to get high and watch trucks crush things. And jump through hoops of fire. And race. And do whatever else 19 monster trucks do when they are crammed into a stadium and made to compete for your attention. The show includes a wheelie competition, obstacle course, and a freestyle event. Not sure what most of those mean, but go check it out, we promise you will love it. The higher you are, the better.

Loveland Fire and Ice Festival: Feb. 13, 3 PM TO 10 PM and
Feb. 14, 10 AM to 10 PM

If you are willing to take a short trip out to Loveland and want to see something awesome, stop by the town for the Fire and Ice Festival. During the annual Fire and Ice Festival, artists from within the Colorado community are given free reign to create some gorgeous snow sculptures. How they produce these things is beyond me, but rest assured, they make some beautiful stuff throughout the festival.

If you want to have your mind blown, get high and then head up to watch them create art out of powder and ice. Just be sure to leave the dab kits at home, as your blowtorch is likely not welcome by these statutes.

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