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Boulder on 4/20- (Not at CU though)

Boulder is pretty synonymous with 4/20, and in the past, it used to be one of the biggest destinations for stoners on this magical day. Especially the CU Boulder campus. Who wouldn’t want to sit on a campus surrounded by a sea of smoke, enjoying the hopeful youth around you, and remembering your college days or hoping for years to come. The thing is, however, that this can no longer happen. Now, CU Boulder will not let you smoke on their campus. Seriously. Do not even try it. You will get arrested as the school has now been known to bring in SWAT teams.

But, Boulder around the day of 4/20 is still a magical place to be. Why not visit the location simply to enjoy the culture that has evolved around pot? You do not need to step foot on campus. Just enjoy the locals and visit many of the stoner-friendly places there. You might even consider hiking the Flatirons when high, a great experience. Trust us.

Bring Your Hammock to a Park

One of the cheapest options on this list, what can be better than getting high on a lovely, sunny day and making your way over to one of your local public parks. With this, it is important to remember smoking in public is illegal and can get you fined, or worse, depending on what you are doing. But, the good news is that with the number of parks there are in Colorado and how easy it can be to get around our city, or sometimes even the state, most of us do not need to bring weed with us.

Instead, hit that green at home, get high, then go to a park with a hammock. Even if you don’t have a hammock, a nice little bike ride can work perfectly or even a jaunty stroll. Whatever you do, just enjoy being outside because it is wonderful when high.

4/20 Eve on the Rocks with Method Man and Redman


The ultimate party and the ultimate celebration of stoner culture. With concert tickets in hand, visit Red Rocks on the eve of 4/20 and enjoy a concert where you know people are going to be embracing and celebrating our culture for what it is. You can bet this is going to be a show for the centuries and where, yes it is still illegal to smoke at Red Rocks, there’s nothing wrong with going to this place blazed out of your mind. After all, if you are not stoned, you probably are going to be the one person in the audience who is not high, including some of the performers on stage.

The official line-up for the event is Method Man & Redman ft. Ghostface Killah & Raekwon, Collie Buddz, Joey BadA$$, Stick Figure, Dizzy Wright, The Underachievers, Jarren Benton, and Special Guests.

The key for me is special guests. Knowing how prominent this type of event is, who knows who might show up? Snoop Dogg? I have no clue, but stranger things have happened (Editors note. No we do not know Snoop Dogg is coming. Just an idea. Never quote us on this. Really)

$5 Day at Butterfly Pavilion- April 23


The most PC event on this list. Butterfly Pavilion is a beautiful place filled with, well you guessed it, butterflies. You smart cookie, you. Butterfly Pavilion is an interesting place, and if you do not have kids, might not be the most magical. Hell, who are we kidding, even with children, it might not be. But visually, it is stimulating and appealing and gorgeous. It will blow your mind with colors.

So get high and go on April 23. For some reason, this day only cost $5 which is fucking awesome and a small price to play for the experience of being high and surrounded by butterflies. If nothing else, it’s a fun place to stop by. With the right weed, it can become a little trippy and mind blowing experience.

With many of the things on this list, we always say, why not? If you hate it, it cost $5. If you have enough money to get high, you can get into the Pavilion, don’t worry. Just please, please, please don’t be the high person who kills a precious butterfly. Butterfly murder, not cool.