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Although the major winter holiday season of Thanksgiving continuing into all the December holidays has passed, it doesn’t mean the holidays are done. No, indeed, February, albeit being one of the coldest months of the year, offers a very polarizing holiday depending on your perspective and thoughts on the concept of love. For some, they love the chance to spoil their honey during a romantic holiday. For others, the holiday itself is a dumb reason for corporations to make more money. For kids, it is the chance to use your favorite cartoons in school as a method of collecting candy. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s day this year with a special someone or ignoring the holiday altogether, not surprisingly, there are always ways to bring weed into this day of romance.

In the past, our magazine has covered many of the diverse products coming out of the cannabis industry with one of our more popular reviews being on a very intimate story about using personal weed lubricant to spice up the sex life of our reviewer. Where we received quite a mix of feedback on the story, we were reminded of the thing all magazines and advertisers learned a long time ago: sex sells. In our case, it did not actually sell anything, but it did have a dramatic impact on our readership with many people writing in with opinions on the review.

Now, we are not going to be as graphic in this issue as we were in that piece, but we are going to explore something implicit in the continued evolution of the commercialization of weed: the incorporation of weed in our romantic lives.

As the legalization of weed has continued to spread across the country, and as it will continue to spread, it is likely going to become a more focal point in relationships. Where some might think stoners attract stoners, this is not always the case because, believe us, we firmly know that weed is a personal choice. Across our job, we meet people who love smoking, but we also meet casual consumers. As weed becomes more readily available, there are no guarantees that people who love the same use of weed are going to attract. Indeed, what you will find is couples, friends, and households who are divided about the use of pot. When it comes to matters of love, pot has the potential to both unify and also divide.

When considering whether it will unify relationships, the main thing to think about will be how cannabis can be used in relationships. Not everyone likes smoking, but, as we all know, smoking is not the only avenue necessary for imbibing in weed. The market has realized this need and has met it in unique ways. We all know of edibles, but olive oil straddles this line by providing consumers something they can use more actively to produce a delicious meal on their own time. It gives more power to couples in not just eating a premade good, but in creating one together. Personal ointments like massage oils or lubricants are also excellent for their use in the bedroom or any other room in the house. Where sexual lubricants are more intimate, massage oils can be used for just unwinding from a long day of work. From there, the products increase to different types of bongs, ways to smoke discretely, and fun gifts for stoners. When catering to couples, the power of the industry is limitless in what will happen.

This issue of the Ganja Gazette is dedicated to both of these couples, the stoner couples who fell in love with their love of weed, and the couples where one might enjoy smoking even if their partner doesn’t. It is dedicated to every couple in between as well. For every couple out there, we know their relationship is unique, but we wanted to do something. This is why our stories focus on how to bring weed into your relationship. Two of our big stories this month focus on gifts for weed lovers and the best products to use in relationships. The reason for these being separate is to hit both couples with the gifts for those you know will love weed, and the products for those couples who want to try something new. Overall, we hope it helps you with your use of weed in relationships.

Also, we are focusing on the power of planting seeds. Not just the seed of love for weed in couples, but actual seeds. We have a few pieces detailing some of the best seeds for use within grow situations. Two of our pieces focus on why to use seeds and some of the recommended seeds to check out when you are beginning your grow operation!

We are excited to support all our readers this month whether you love Valentine’s day or are excited to be spending some time as a single, pot-loving person.