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FEBRUARY 2016 | The Ganja Gazette
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This issue of the Ganja Gazette is dedicated to the stoner couples who fell in love with their love of weed, and the couples where one might enjoy smoking even if their partner doesn’t. It is dedicated to every couple in between as well. For every couple out there, we know their relationship is unique, but we wanted to do something. This is why our stories focus on how to bring weed into your relationship. Two of our big stories this month focus on gifts for weed lovers and the best products to use in relationships. The reason for these being separate is to hit both couples with the gifts for those you know will love weed, and the products for those couples who want to try something new. Overall, we hope it helps you with your use of weed in relationships.

Also, we are focusing on the power of planting seeds. Not just the seed of love for weed in couples, but actual seeds. We have a few pieces detailing some of the best seeds for use within grow situations. Two of our pieces focus on why to use seeds and some of the recommended seeds to check out when you are beginning your grow operation! Have an idea or a story for the Gazette? Email Tim

Small List Big Hops

Before we tantalize your tastebuds with our collection of favorite IPAs, it’s important to consider history and the India Pale Ale…

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The Round Up – February 2016

A new study coming out of German and Austrian researchers presented some great information for all stoners who own bikes. The researchers, after doing repeated test with 14 subjects found that…

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Buzz Feed – February 2016

The Far Cry Franchise has taken us around the world, but now they are headed back to the dawn of time and we couldn’t be more stoked…

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Growers 101 – February 2016

It is a little difficult to write about how to grow marijuana in the dead of winter. Yes, it is more than possible to grow indoors at this time, but…

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The Bean — The Chocolate Cafe

Yes, that’s right, an entire cafe where everything is centered around chocolate. The owners Mike and Diane Del Duca drew their inspiration from similar…

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Letter From The Editor

Although the major winter holiday season of Thanksgiving continuing into all the December holidays has passed, it doesn’t mean the holidays are done. No, indeed, February…

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