Six months. For six months, we have had the pleasure of working on the Gazette. And across this time, we have had quite the pleasure of getting extremely high. When we picked up the Gazette, we got excited. We knew a lot was going to come from it. We knew we were going to produce something awesome.

And we knew we were going to get high. Really, really high. We were excited about the opportunity to get high. I mean who wouldn’t be? After all, countless people in Colorado love to get high, and we are no different. We work with a series of dispensaries, after all.

Over the last six months, we have spent quite a bit of time working on our magazine. And a large part, a very large part, of working on our magazine has been time spent getting high. We have gotten very high over the last six months. Sometimes more than others, but we always got high. Looking back on the past six months, here are some of our favorite times we got high, some of our favorite times we enjoyed what we were experiencing.

The Month of Edibles

July was the month of edibles. We came into the office on Monday to a nice surprise: a duffle bag full of edibles. A literal duffle. We were given the opportunity to review every type of edible available from the Nature’s Kitchen brand. So we went to town. Over the next few weeks, we spent countless hours indulging in these edibles. Whether trying these out and seeing how they would influence our ability to make the magazine, or figuring out what would happen in our spare time, we tried them all.

The end results of our edible experience were quite wonderful. We found everyone liked vastly differently things when it came to our edible experiences. Some of us were more inclined to work while other people on the team, well, they just went to sleep. Across the board, we found ourselves loving it, though.

And here is what we know about edibles more than anything else. We know edibles are a great way of easily getting high in a short amount of time. Without any smoke clouding our lungs, we found ourselves eating cookies, brownies, gummies and hard candies. Across everything we knew, there were always different experiences. And we were right.

Some people hate edibles, even some people in our office did. Some people swore them off and still do. Across the board, we found the different effects of edibles were very diverse in what they offered us. Some came with a slow burn while others hit almost immediately. One of our members of staff took a few too many and detailed his experience as “I got high as shit, thought I saw a ghost. It was fucking awesome.” He was probably kidding, but maybe not. You never know with him. No matter what, we found ourselves eating these things regularly.

My favorite moment: one afternoon we were all sitting in the office. Since it was July, we were all a little antsy about the opportunity to get outside. After a really poor joke, everyone started dying laughing. I asked, “how many of you are high on edibles?”

Everyone. Everyone was.

And we still have some in our freezer as we speak.

The Great Dab Experiment

Before working on the Gazette, no one in our office had ever dabbed. We had seen it, we were very familiar with how it worked, we knew exactly what it looked like, and we had been offered to dab before, but to be honest, we were a little afraid of what it might do to us.

This is why, when our dispensary asked us to review a product involving dab kits, we all got a tiny bit nervous. Finally, after a little bit of coaxing and talking, we decided to try dabs. This sample of dabs was the beginning of a month of frequent dabs. Just like edibles, once we started dabbing, we were somewhat hooked. We managed to burn through an entire canister of butane in a matter of days. We tried out multiple methods of dabbing and we kept exploring what worked and what didn’t. Finally, we discovered what we would all arguably tell you were one of the best parts of the month: one of our coworkers brought in CBD dabs.

Now obviously CBD dabs are a whole different world in their right. In a matter of minutes, we went from enjoying the beauty of dabs to taking these experiences to a whole new world. As a creative office, we found ourselves intimately able to function while using CBD dabs. All of a sudden, it was common to begin the day with a nice CBD dab and work for hours in an impassioned weed blur.

Finally, after about a month of this and multiple run throughs of CBD dabs, we hit a stopping point. One of our coworkers took the dab kit home for the “night.” They wanted to use it with a friend. This is the last we ever saw of the dab kit.

As surely as dabs had entered into our life in an intense high, as sure as our office spent a month falling in love with these tiny miracle creatures of little joy, we found ourselves lost.

We missed the dabs, but life went on. I am sure we will dab again soon; shortly we will find a way to spark up that beautiful glowing butane torch and get on our way. Until then, I know we all miss the beauty that was CBD dabs, our life just isn’t the same without them.

Growing Three Plants of Our Own

The last of our favorite memories is not necessarily something we were all a part of, but something that touched on the edge of our office. One of our coworkers decided he wanted to grow three beautiful plants. He purchased clones for one beautiful sativa, a personal favorite, and two gorgeous indicas. This friend had also recently acquired a new house, exciting in its right but even more exciting considering the community space it provided us. Slowly but surely, we all began visiting his house frequently and regularly. Out of nowhere, we were all coming over for a BBQ and lo and behold, right there was a beautiful field of pot plants.

Now, we have been inside growing operations, so I understand it was not necessarily a field, but it was still a very cool thing to watch as he grew these three tiny plants from something so
small to something large and wonderful. We loved coming over and seeing the progress. We helped him take care of them and we helped water them when he was out of town, we heard all
about the difficulties he had with the grow and we were there for him throughout the good and the bad. These plants quickly took on a life of their own within the office. They were like our extended pets of pot. We all had our names for them, and we all loved something different about them.

Then finally, the time had hit. We were ready to trim. The little fellows had all grown up, and they were beyond gorgeous. Our coworker happened to produce countless mason jar after mason jar of delicious sticky goodness. We are letting them cure for now, but in about a month’s time, we are excited to imbibe in these flowery plants.

Many people have grown, and this is becoming much more popular across the various recreational states. The beauty of this is more people are getting to experience something that at one time was reserved for a select few who were willing to break the law, willing to take a risk and had the ability to acquire these plants from a good source. The results could be wonderful, but the risk involved stopped too many people from ever being involved in the aspect of growing. Now setting up shop with a few pot plants in your backyard next to your grill is a reality. And a gorgeous, scented, green one.

Although home growing is nothing new for many people, it still is a moment to be celebrated. It is the beginning and continual showing of a revolution happening within our industry. People are becoming more conscious and society is changing how we view pot. In the past, growing was a deviant behavior. Now, you could consider it as normal as owning a home brew set for craft beer.

With this shift in thinking, you see a degree of movement. The more normal it becomes, the more people embrace and accept it, and the better the industry gets. Plus it is cool to feel like part of a cause. We grew pot. Not illegally, fully within our social rights and privileges. And that is an amazing thing.

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