Strawberry Cough Shatter – 95% THC

The Clinic – Highlands

A few articles ago, I shared my experience dabbing for the first time. My initial trepidation towards concentrates has evaporated with the vapors of my 2nd and 3rd hits from the rig. Don’t get me wrong, my body is still trying to figure out how to handle a rip of 95% pure THC without fully melting or inducing instantaneous panic attacks because I can’t feel my face.

This past weekend, I committed myself to some serious renovation work at the house – 450 square feet of floor refinishing work. After pulling up the carpet, the warped boards stood out like a sore thumb. I knew that I had at least two solid days of wrestling a drum and edge sander to prep it for stain and polyurethane. Suffice it to say, 40 hours of effort and 8 hours of sleep, my project was finished. So was my body. I needed some relief.

I parked my butt into my ass groove on the couch, sparked my torch and heated the nail until it was as red as an ember. I hit the ample dab of The Clinic’s Strawberry Cough shatter and let the heavy vapors fill my lungs. A note on the sticky resin: it was dankly potent, with a smell of super concentrated piney-ness and it was nearly see through, a testament to its purity.

The effects were instantaneous. My limbs went limp and I quickly forgot about the soreness that was invading my body. I was in la-la land and finally able to muster up the energy to get up and raid the cookie jar. The munchies were nagging something awful.

In the spirit of the Christmas holiday, I grabbed a handful of santa/elf/reindeer shaped sugar cookies and made myself some hot chocolate. I noshed with pleasure and a sugar-induced bliss added a new layer of content to my Strawberry Cough high.

The creative bug started itching as soon as I returned to my ass groove on the couch. I had a moment of inspiration to recreate a holiday poem in the theme of our good friend Mary Jane, so I started it, “Twas the night before Dankmas…”

I recalled visions of sugar-plums, of Santa and his reindeer, and something about stockings above a fire-lit chimney. Unable to successfully modify the rhymes to allude to clever marijuana references, one line stood out among the rest – “to settle my brain down for a long winter’s nap.”

With my buzz entering the point of no return and before I sign off, I’d like to leave you all with a bit of holiday cheer – Merry Dankmas to all, and to all a Good Night!


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