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Chroma CO2 Extract Cartridge: 87% THC-A


Every month the cannabis market is being flooded with new and varied options to consume and ingest Denver’s favorite past time – weed, man! It’s almost overwhelming to go into a dispensary today and to see a few industry stalwarts (Cheeba Chew, Sweet Grass, Open Vape, etc) mixed in with the new product brands that are trying to make a name for themselves. One I was definitely unfamiliar with, opened my eyes to a whole new concept of vapor options – Evolab and their Chroma CO2 Extract.

Evolab lauds their groundbreaking process – combining chromatography and supercritical CO2 extraction to produce pharmaceutical grade cannabis concentrates. I’m typically pretty skeptical when it comes to folks promoting their newer, better product and processes, as it always seems that it’s the same stuff in a different package. I should have taken John’s cue when he handed me the Chroma cartridge and said this shit is the REAL-DEAL.

As I’m writing this review, I’m really struggling to find an adequate analogy to describe Evolab’s concentrate. My business partner here at the GG said a few hits were akin to doing a full blown dab of shatter. Thirty seconds following my second rip from the cartridge, a ridiculously intense euphoria invades my brain, sitting in the back of my head and just underneath my eyes. A pang of anxiety hits me like a ton of bricks. I start questioning my life-choices, all of the work that I need to complete by the end of the week, and whether or not I’m going to be a

good father to my son who’s due in January. Fortunately, my 12 year old black labrador is sitting next to me – and her presence helps me get a grip and calm myself down.

Folks – Evolab’s concentrates are NO FUCKING JOKE. Call it a dab vape, or whatever you want. The Chroma pen packs a punch that is equivalent to the reverb of a .357 snubbie. It knocked me flat on my feet and left me wondering where the hell I was and what I was doing. Looking forward to future use, I’m keeping this in my back pocket until I find myself parked into the comfy softness of my couch with a movie streaming on Netflix with absolutely nothing to do or think about for the next 4 hours.

After glancing at their website (http://www.evolab.com/), it certainly appears they are expanding their presence in the Denver market. Check ’em out and see if they are at your local dispensary and prepare yourself for a very intense session.

Cheers y’all.