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Over the last few months and issues, you have heard all about the different ways I have put my body through the process of seeking a new high. From the experiences with a particular intimate love lotion all the way to my time trying different edibles, I have learned more about weed in the past few months than I ever thought possible. One thing in particular I learned is just how much everyone has different tolerances and loves different things.

You see, whether I always make it clear, whenever I am trying out new products here on staff, I am usually not alone in doing this. So often I am experimenting with a group of workers who are trying the same things as me. And damn, some of us are lightweights and others of us have very specific taste down to the flavors of the edibles we prefer over their respective offered high. Across our ways of getting high, I learned that sometimes dabbing and edibles are way too intense when not done properly. Cue in the night I dabbed for the first time after an 8 hour day of BBQ drinking and I was laying on my bed with time moving in 30 minute periods where I debated what movie to watch before 4 hours passed and I had never left my bed.

Others of our smokers, they took dabs and functioned just fine. All a matter of perspective, our different tolerances for strains, and our preferred methods of being high.

With my first dabbing experience going very bad (not awful, just way too couch locked for my taste) the next time I was offered a dab, I immediately said no. Especially since my coworkers decided to be dabbing at 9 am on a random Tuesday morning. I had a full day of work ahead of me after all and I did not want to get lost in the murky cloud of concentrate-based smoking that dabbing created in my head. Nope, no way.

Then, they told me something interesting. This time, I wouldn’t be dabbing THC but CBD. And that day my life changed.

Now, I still love getting old fashioned high. But I love something much more than that. I love the ability to ingest anything CBD-related. Dabbing CBD? Great, I can still function the entire day. CBD edibles? Might as well stock an entire cookie tray with these delicious treats because I will take them until the end of times. CBD strain weed? Perfect, how much and when.

CBD is my jam. But I cannot always find good CBD. And it can get expensive. CBD has a bit higher of a price increase on the recreational side, and while medical still does sell quite a bit, I know many who have not made that jump. So, what is a fellow to do?

I will tell you what., We look around. The best answer I found is (BLANK), a CBD-based vape pen. Why? Because bang for my buck, this little friend gets me regularly high over an extended period of time, does not run out easily, and does a great kick of getting me CBD-based high.

Do not get me wrong regarding intensity, I could point out lots of edibles and dab methods that would give me a much stronger high. But, with a few strong puffs on our electronic friend and you will find it does the right job. At a few puffs lasting me a few hours worth of euphoria, this baby is bound to do the job. Plus, when one CBD cookie costs $10s, this pen will offer you more highs at a much bigger deal.

My love for the pen comes from how easy it is to use. When we used to do CBD dabs in our office, it was always with concern of whether our landlord might walk in unannounced because we had seven dudes huddled around a blowtorch and pipe and might be evicted on the spot. With this tool your image doesn’t matter because it looks just like we are smoking an e-cig. From the city streets to the office to a dinner with boring acquaintances, this little machine will get you through all of them.

If you are looking for a new toy to give you the euphoric, anxiety releasing high offered by CBD in a quick and efficient way, make sure to find yourself one of these (BLANK) pens. You won’t regret it the first time stress gets the best of you and you want CBD at a moment’s notice. You won’t regret it even when casually smoking. Of all my reviews, this product is my favorite. My story of using it might not be as crazy but with the outcomes, you are going to be too relaxed to care.