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With the summer heating up, you are going to start doing a few things. First, you are likely going to be spending a ton of time outdoors, after all, in Colorado, we don’t need any excuse to find our way outside. Next, you are going to be probably attending a lot of community events and festivities. During the winter time, it is easy for us to close the blinds, shut the doors, and never leave our house. After all, when 20 inches of snow is falling on the ground, no one knows whether you are wearing anything besides slippers when you lit up that last bowl. Thus, in winter we hibernate, not like bears, but still furry mammals. Spring and summer, however, bring excuses to come out into the sunlight and enjoy the festivities.

Now what exactly are these festivitie?. Well, they can be anything from concerts at Red Rocks to BBQs in the park. From meeting on friends’ patios to drinking a few beers on a rooftop. Regardless of where you are going, summer is a time for jet-setting and interacting with other people. Now, of course, because we are social creatures, so often when we explore these new places, we do so with alcohol and food in hand. Now, if you are somewhere already providing food, fine, but most times you won’t be. Instead, you will likely be bringing snacks.

So here is the ultimate snack. Some cannabis-infused guacamole. Just grab the ingredients, grab a few bags of chips, get some good weed, and you are ready to go. The recipe for this delicious treat is below. As always, remember to share with your peers, it makes it that much better eating this with friends.