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Looking for something to add to your coffee mug as the days finally start to get colder? Well, while cannabis-infused K-cups for your Keurig aren’t out yet, there are plenty of alternative options. My personal favorite solution is Cannabis-infused tea, due to its simple usability. This tea concoction can be easily created with just a little bit of time and the right product. The great thing about this tea is the ease of consumption. You need three things: water, cannabutter, and a tea of your choice. You probably should have a cup as well, but hopefully you are not so high we have to remind you to include a cup.

The process of making the tea is even easier. You mix the right doses, and it all comes out exactly as you would imagine. Since cannabis-based tea is absorbed like an edible, there is one interesting piece: it can take a little bit of time before it hits you fully.

Depending on the potency of your cannabutter, its impacts can last a few hours. This drink is great for those colder fall days when you want to get high and enjoy the leaves changing at the same time.
Making this tea, you will not be disappointed, believe us!