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Personally, one of my favorite things about when it gets warm is the ability to enjoy a nice cup of iced coffee. Nothing is better on a hot morning than waking up with a cup of iced coffee in hand as a way of starting off the day right.

There are quite a handful of ways to make the most out of your iced coffee, such as freezing milk or cream into ice cube trays. Others say you can even freeze coffee into these cubes as a means of not watering down what you are drinking.

Both of these are great suggestions, although, for the sake of our article, we are here to learn about how to get high, not about how to make great coffee. We reference those two pieces, however, because they are first ideas on how to make your cannabis coffee better.

Here are two different ideas on how to infuse cannabis in your coffee.

First, let us start with the idea of cannabis-infused milk that you can put in your coffee. Although this won’t allow your ice coffee to remain black, it will do the trick of getting you high.

For this, brew your coffee however you like. We are here to focus on the milk side of things.