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March, the month of magical and lovely overconsumption of alcohol. The snows are maybe starting to clear, possibly, the weather is potentially starting to warm up if we are lucky, but, as always, we as a population have found reason after reason to imbibe in the use of alcohol. From basketball tournaments to the culture of the Irish, anyone can find a reason to celebrate in March. Where people do celebrate, many enjoy finding unique niches for their celebrations.

Enter things like green beer and more appropriately, corn beef. Ahhh corn beef, the delicious slice of meat we seem to forget the rest of the year, and everyone buys in gusto approaching the middle of March (seriously, I wonder how much of this meat grocery stores sell during the month of March). But, with the tradition of corn beef comes countless ways to cook it.

For the simplest steps, the process probably means turning it into a hash of some kind. That is, at least, the process we followed in this month’s Cooking 101 of the Ganja Gazette.

The steps for creating a corn beef hash come down to more how you cook the hash then anything else. For the cannabis side of things, we are going to recommend you use both cannabis-based butter and cannabis-based olive oil for a better mix of the two highs.