Far Cry Primal

The Far Cry Franchise has taken us around the world, but now they are headed back to the dawn of time and we couldn’t be more stoked. Aside from taking on whatever enemies the series throws at us this time around, the new edition will also be based on survival. Starting camp fires, hunting, skinning animals, and many more “Bear Gryll” type activites.

Aside from an incredible first person shooter, you’re getting a game unlinke anything Ubisoft has ever developed before.

In Primal, you play as Takkar, a hunter/gatherer who travels the land of Oros in order to support and protect his tribe. With this instalment, there are no automatic weapons to spray your enemies with and no vehicles to help you trek the expansive map we have come to love from Far Cry. It’s just you, nature, and survival.

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