Ratchet & Clank for PS4 will tie into the animated film of the same name that will hit theaters next year. Simply titled Ratchet and Clank, this reboot ushers in a new era for Insomniac’s destruction-fueled platformer with a deep origin story, an expanded suite of absolutely insane weapons, and some of the most beautiful and colorful visuals I’ve spotted so far this generation.

Ratchet once again tells the story of how the feisty Lombax meets his stoic robo buddy, and the wacky adventures they find themselves getting into. Though I only got to play through two short sections, it turns out that the entire game is framed as a story told by Captain Qwark, so expect Insomniac’s typically sharp and witty writing to play well with the unreliable narrator.

This Ratchet and Clank, for lack of a better term, reboot is aiming to deliver a completely new experience to life-long fans of the series, while ushering in a whole new crowd who might not have been around to jump on board 13 years ago.

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