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Over the last few years I’ve noticed a trend in Colorado. More and more people I know are turning away from the copious amounts of alcohol that they used to drink and instead have been smoking more weed. So what’s a stoner to do on this holiday which is traditionally marked by the consumption of large amounts of beer? Well, lucky for us, the holiday also centers around all things green. The green isle of Ireland, the green shamrock, and obnoxious fuzzy green hats all make an appearance this time of year and few people will notice if we add a little green of our own to the mix. Below are five ways to add a little more green to the holiday and make it a little more fun for us too.


I know, it’s not actually on St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m still going to count it. Think back to when you were young and parades were fun and exciting. You can relive that experience by adding a little magic of your own, if you catch my drift. And besides, nobody throws candy anymore, so you should probably bring your own. Whatever your plans, just remember that there will be a lot of people there, so be courteous and don’t take your smokeables with you.


Ok, you had to know this one would be on the list. Your options for buying cannabis infused beer are very limited, even here in Colorado. The best that you’ll get is beer with some of the non-psychoactive elements of weed and maybe a little bit of the flavor. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own. True, it’s way too late to be thinking about trying to brew your own batch of beer in time for St. Patty’s Day, so we’ll have to use a workaround. You can buy or make tincture pretty easily, then it’s just a matter of measuring out your dose and adding it to your beer! Make sure you get alcohol-based tincture though, not glycerine, and be careful! It’s easy to get way too twisted this way, so take it slow.


Saint Patrick is said to have used a three-leaf shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the Irish. Three separate leaves, all connected at their bases represented the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Whether or not you believe in the story and whether you’re religious or not, you’re celebrating this holiday, so find your own personal Trinity. Joint, pipe, and bong. Flower, hash, and edibles. Indica, sativa, and hybrid. Whatever speaks to you, celebrate how each aspect is different, yet connected as one through this amazing plant.


We’ve got a great corned beef recipe in this issue, but there’s so much more to traditional Irish food. Bangers and mash are a great introduction to the cuisine that anyone is sure to love. Other dishes like bacon and cabbage take a different twist to some familiar foods. Instead of frying your bacon, you take a thick slice of back bacon and boil it with cabbage, potatoes, and some other vegetables if you’re in the mood for more. And then we have dishes like blood pudding and crubeens for the truly adventurous. You’re going to be high anyway, so why not try it now while you’re high and you know it’ll taste good? You can easily find recipes online, although some of the ingredients may be a little difficult to find, or you can just search for one of the many places offering a traditional Irish dinner around this time of year.


If you still decide to indulge on the 17th, you’re probably going to wake up the next day with quite a nasty hangover, and as you all know, smoking a little weed is the best remedy. Personally, I can’t eat or even drink water without it, as much as I know that my hangover is my body’s way of telling me to hydrate better. Weed has a seemingly magical ability to instantly cure the headache, bodyache, and nausea that comes with my hangover, while also giving me a ravishing hunger and the need to drink copious amounts of water. Just one bowl starts me off down the path to recovery and I know that I’ll be feeling better in no time.