Are you tired of just getting high every 4/20? Bored of always doing the same old thing, every single time? Don’t want just to go down and wander Colfax blazed out of your mind? Don’t want just to watch the same old stoner movies while hanging out at home and laughing the same laughs you did last year? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you:

That’s right, we came up with a list of crazy things you can do to celebrate 4/20 in style and with some new ideas. Here are our five favorites.

Roll a Joint in the Shape of the Numbers 4/20

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Is this even possible?” Honestly, I cannot tell you. But I can tell you, probably. If you have ever been on MassRoots, you will find there are countless people rolling amazing joints. I’ve seen dinosaurs to octopuses to multi-pointed star to fruit. So if people can roll that, what can you roll?

Now I know there is an art form to rolling, but we believe in you here at the Gazette. You can do it. And all you need is a lot of rolling material. A lot of weed. I do not know if it is possible for you to do this, I am not sure if rolling a 4/20 joint is going to work. But we will never know if we do not try.

Make a Giant Sandwich with 4 Types of Meat and 20 Toppings

Call this one a Scooby Snack after the late cartoon Scooby Doo. The thing is, we all know that Shaggy and Scooby were high all the time. There is not an episode where they were not tripping out of their mind. Always hungry? Check. Always paranoid? Check. Constantly getting lost? Check. Extremely lazy? Check. These two likely hit the dabs a one too many times, and the end results are, well, terrifying, for them at least.

Let us honor their famous stoner legacy by following in their footstep and eating a ton of food. This one is going to take some preparation before hand, so make sure before you get high, you spend some time planning out the sandwich itself. Now, I do not know what toppings you like, so don’t listen to me. Instead, go to the store, figure out what you would love to eat, and throw it in the cart.

Making a giant sandwich on 4/20 isn’t something you need to do, but something we highly recommend. And to make this full circle, throw on some episodes of Scooby Doo, split up your sandwich with friends, and enjoy the hell out of your high.

Start the Morning off with a 1/5 of a Gram Dab

Why a 1/5 gram dab you might be asking? Well, 4/20 simplified in mathematical terms is, of course, 1/5. The reasons for this specific number are many. First, because a 4 gram dab is way too much. No one wants to do that. That is dumb and will lead you to a world of regret. But 1/5 of a gram, for many people that might be just the right amount to create a new experience and an enjoyable high.

Again, with dabbing especially, do not go too far beyond what you are used to. We don’t want you to be couch locked throughout the entire day. But, if you plan on waking and baking, why not start off the morning with a sizable dab and see how it progresses? If nothing else, it is going to be a trip to remember.

Share a Bowl with 4 New Strangers

This suggestion involves a more social side of the holiday. Where some people love locking themselves away and doing nothing but getting high, many take 4/20 as a chance to celebrate weed and enjoy the act of getting high with other people. Weed can be a great social thing, even when it makes people lazy. Sharing in a mutual high with a few friends whether more social or more relaxing, is enjoyable for all.

So, take the opportunity this 4/20 to make the most out of this holiday by getting high with everyone! Well, not everyone. But if you are enjoying the day in a social setting, find people you can get high with. Call some friends and invite them to invite their friends. Make new friends and share weed with a few strangers. Four just sticks with the theme of the day, but no matter what, enjoy getting high with a few new people.

Some of the coolest things that happen when we smoke with others are that we learn. We hear about their story and experiences. We learn about their favorite strains. Smoking with others can be exciting because it opens up a ton of possibilities. And at the very worst, you might just get to share someone else’s bowl. Just don’t skimp on sharing yours!

Try 4 New Strains of Weed

Probably my favorite one on this list, although, depending on how long you smoke on 4/20, this might get a little wacky.

Try four new strains of weed. It is as simple as that. Go to the dispensary, ask a few questions, and even if it is just prerolls, get new types of weed. Try something different that you usually wouldn’t try. Try something with an extra kick or a little more pizazz. Smoke something you’ve never even heard of. Now, to get the best effects, you might want to stick towards similar strains, but if you are feeling crazy, go nuts.

When it comes to this, the sky’s the limit. So why not enjoy it. It’s 4/20 after all. And you deserve the chance to celebrate!

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