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New Year’s Eve and the transition to the new year often starts with alcohol and weed, moves forward to kisses if you are lucky, and sometimes ends with shame the next day. At least this is the trend among certain populations. It hits a point the next day where you are either critically examining your life choices the night before or questioning your life altogether and come up with the idea for some New Year’s resolutions. You decide it is time to be a better person, or at least try to be a better person since research finds most people never meet their resolutions. But who cares about research after all, for the longest time information told us marijuana was bad because the government wanted various organizations to say it was bad. No, here at the Gazette, we hate research, and we believe in each and every one of you. We believe you will make your resolutions come true. We believe in you so much that we have already created your resolutions for you.

Now here’s the thing, I do not know you on a personal level so I cannot tell you what you should focus on in your personal life, but I do know stoners, and there are some resolutions I know we should all create around the realm of marijuana. None of these resolutions are serious, as serious resolutions are far too stuffy after all. Instead, all of these are a little playful, designed around the concept we can all do a little better in being economical potheads who don’t just love getting high, but are part of a community of people getting high.

Without further ado, here are our stoner resolutions we find to be beneficial for any stoner seeking to make themselves a better member of the community in the coming year.


I know people who never try anything new. They found the thing they love, the dispensary they love, and they stick with it time and time again. I get that, to a point. I am not telling you to try something you know you are going to hate, like how I will never touch a couch locking indica on my own time because I don’t like the effects. At the same time, we are incredibly lucky in Colorado because there are so many opportunities to smoke great new strains. Take advantage of it.

This new year, be a little adventurous, go out there and find some new weed to smoke. Explore something aside from what you have always traditionally smoked. Use the vast network of weed information online to do some research. Stumble into a random dispensary, ask some questions, and figure out what you might love. Make the most of your time in this beautiful world where we can smoke some exceptionally well-rated and grown weed. Variety is the spice of life, and with weed, spicing things up can often lead to fun things. Get high with something new, the worst that happens is you don’t like it. You will always have another chance to get high.


I love MassRoots. I know I am a little biased because I have friends on their staff, but I love all the online social networks and weed-based communities existing out there. There are countless applications you can utilizer to become part of different communities. Even if you do not fully engage with the people on these applications or are not looking for new people to share with, at the same time, your voice matters. I can understand why you might not need new friends to get high with, but you should focus on giving new information to people.

Most of the applications out there let people provide some form of rating about strains, weed products, edibles and dispensaries. You do not need to be best friends with the people on the application, but give some love to the online community. By sharing information about the weed you are smoking or the store you visited, you really help other stoners find something they love. And being part of this community is really worthwhile.


We have all been there before. We are out with friends, and have no weed, but our friend does and so they graciously allow us to smoke with them. For some of us, this happens more often than not. For others, it happens to us all the time with friends who constantly need to borrow weed, forget their stash, or are always the first to offer smoking ours, but are the last to offer theirs. Most people never take it to this extreme but sometimes people do. Least of all, make sure you are not the one taking it to the extreme. And this year, if you are on the side of someone who has smoked at the generosity of a friend a few too many times, make sure you pay a friend back for the weed you owe them.

This does not mean you need to give your friend actual cash unless you have constantly drained them of weed. More importantly, focus on trying to remedy the few times you’ve hit that bowl without the favor returned. Get a friend back. Pass them a pre-rolled. Be the first to offer the joint. No matter what you do, make sure you are being generous in paying back your friends for the times they have given you the first pass on their premium stuff. Karma may not thank you, but your friends will.


Colorado is pretty chill about stoners who smoke in public. At the same time, there are always the stoners who take it a little too far. They insist on smoking in public no matter what type of event they are at or who is around, sometimes to the point that you see people toking in the middle of a kindergarten art festival. You can change this by not being that person. You can help you friends change this by calling them out and not encouraging the people around you to smoke when in public.

Now at the Gazette, we are not prudes. I don’t have anything against smoking in public and do it myself all the time. But there is a time and a place. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up at the moment. If it happens all the time, that isn’t an excuse as much as it is not caring about the people around you. Do not be one of those people, but instead make sure you are courteous to the people around you by not toking at the most inappropriate of times. We can all do a little better at this, make sure you are part of the reason people don’t hate stoners by making sure you are not giving us all a bad name for no reason except you cannot wait a little bit before getting high.


This is the biggest resolution we all need to focus on. Yes, Colorado has legalized, and this is great. Congrats to us. Let us keep patting ourselves on the back and getting high every chance we get. Same goes for our three peer states who have legalized. The sad fact is, the rest of the country has not. And we should care about this. Because it profoundly sucks. Despite how it might not seem like we can, our state can actually do sustainable things about this.

Convince your friends out of state to focus on voting. Yes, we get the stereotype, stoners are lazy. And sadly we can be. This should not be an excuse with voting, however. We need our peers in other states to vote. Not every state is going to vote for legalization in the coming year, but the ones that do matter greatly. Our communities need to start showing strong support for cannabis to create a forward momentum of change. The votes are going to matter. If all the states who can legalize in the coming months do legalize, it is going to be a strong showing of support to the government. We can never take for granted the power of public support. The more who legalize, the less chance the federal government will have not to reschedule. Make sure you talk to your stoner friends about voting. Even if we can enjoy our great weed, we need their support to make sure we don’t eventually lose it.


This ties to the last one, but makes up a huge part of what happens. So often, people do not take stoners seriously because we do not know how to articulate ourselves. Fix this, change it by making sure you know how to talk about happens. So often, people do not take stoners seriously because we do not know how to articulate ourselves. Fix this, change it by making sure you know how to talk about

Where this a pretty picture, it’s kind of bullshit. Alcohol is legal in all 50 states and alcohol is not a medicine like cannabis is. And cannabis still is not legal. Until every state, including the federal government, legalizes weed, we need to talk on its behalf. Because even though, for us, we might be casual users, everyone deserves access to it and we should help provide this access by representing the drug. Learn a little about cannabis. You do not need to do everything; you don’t need to lobby for the plant. But you can do work in making sure the people around you know a little bit more about it. The world deserves it, your friends deserve it. Focus on it for the people around you.