10 Reefer Resolutions for 2017
By: Gazette Staff

Each year, millions of people set a list of goals to help motivate them towards a greater and more fulfilling year than the last. It’s a new year and a new you. Even if you don’t participate in resolutions or if you’ve already conjured up a list, you might find these tips helpful for your future smoke sessions.

1. Stop Pocketing Peoples Lighters

It’s happened to all of us, you leave the house with one lighter, and return home with about four. We must break this habit or else the vicious cycle will continue. We know you don’t mean to steal lighters, but still. Make a conscious effort to stop taking your friend’s lighters.

2. Try Taking a Tolerance Break

If you find yourself smoking consistently throughout the day, or perhaps throughout the year, try taking take a few random days off to boost your tolerance. You’ll be able to get higher without consuming as much weed.

3. Clean Out Your Pipes

There’s a way you can show everyone that you are a seasoned smoker besides all the resin build-up in your bong. Clean that sucker out with some isopropyl alcohol and salt and really show people how you smoke… hygienically!

4. Eat Healthier Munchies

We all love Little Debbie’s, but that doesn’t mean we should get stoned and eat two boxes of swiss cake rolls. This year, try keeping fresh fruit or other healthy snacks on hand. This will help you feel less groggy/sluggish when you’re smoking on your days off.

5. Try Different Ways to Consume Weed

Even though it definitely looks cooler to chief on a Backwoods, it’s nice to give those lungs a little bit of a break and try something new like vaping or edibles for a little bit. Experiment with the different highs.

6. Don’t Be a Lazy Smoker

There is nothing wrong with getting stoned and vegging out on the couch. Just make sure that you aren’t always doing that. Get high and unleash some creativity. Make art. Learn a skill. Write a novel. Build a chair. It doesn’t really matter what you do. Just find something you enjoy, and use weed as a stimulus for self expression.

7. Pay Attention to (some) Politics

Politics can get pretty frustrating sometimes. This doesn’t mean that we can ignore them all together. A lot of very important marijuana legislation is coming up so it’s super important that everyone keeps an eye on what’s going on in your nation/state/city. Make a resolution to stay informed and vote whenever possible.

8. Be Less of a Bum

Are you that person who never brings anything to the smoke session? Stop it. Everyone should contribute whenever possible. If you’re unable to bring weed – no problem. Bring some snacks. Everyone loves the person who brought the “clutch” bag of chips to the session.

9. Stop Smoking Resin

Resin should never be your last resort. It might be super enticing when your completely dankrupt, but this year we should all strive to stop smoking it. Just go get some ‘bud of the day’, it’s cheap and legal!

10. Break the Stereotypes

Pot smokers have be seen as negative stereotypes for a long time. The truth is, there are many successful people who smoke weed. This year, let’s show the world that the marijuana community is not filled with people who are lazy, confused, and paranoid. Let’s show the world that we are smart, resourceful, and healthy!

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